• We Provide Managed Cloud Software Solutions

    InSite provides fully managed business process automation software solutions to our clients including system design, software configuration and development, training, implementation, software maintenance, application support, and ongoing enhancements. Our business philosophy is that a software solution is of most value to a business as a service and not a product. With a services model, we become highly invested in the business of each client instead of being just another software vendor. In fact, our clients often tell us that we end of knowing more about their business than nearly all employees of the company. Having a solid grasp of the current and future needs of each client allows us to properly apply technology to solve complex business challenges — and become a highly valued business partner.


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    Design Solution for Specific Client Needs

    No two clients are the same and we invest significant efforts to learn about the challenges and objectives of each client in order to design a solution that we know will exceed expectations. We facilitate planning sessions that result in the documentation of detailed business requirements. This upfront work is useful in many ways and most importantly helps lay the foundation for success.

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    Configure and Develop Solution

    Using the unique business requirements of a client, we utilize our core software technology and functionality to configure a software solution to client specifications. If new functionality is required, we apply structured software development processes and practices to deliver a complete solution. We also employ rigorous testing cycles with clients to ensure proper performance.

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    Train Users & Implement Solution

    Each implementation begins with a solid project plan with clear milestones and deliverables. As part of each implementation, we provide detailed training materials and thoroughly train all system users based on their assigned roles and tasks. This training process also helps to build a sense of ownership for each individual involved in the software solution.

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    Maintain and Support Solution

    Once implemented, our account teams work diligently to ensure each client receives comprehensive and timely application support. If software bugs are identified, we work quickly to resolve. As the business of each client changes, we make enhancements to the software solution to ensure that the software meets ongoing business challenges and objectives.