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    Conductor™ is a web-based resource management solution that provides testing companies with a complete test event scheduling and management system. Real-time connectivity to candidates, proctors, and vendors allows companies to automate test management processes including qualification, enrollment, scheduling, compensation, evaluation, and reporting.

  • “As the industry leader for Nurse Aide testing services, Pearson VUE continually strives to improve the efficiency and quality of testing for Nurse Aide candidates, Nurse Aide Evaluators (proctors), and testing facilities. Leveraging web-based technologies plays an important role in achieving these objectives and Conductor™ has become a critical asset to Pearson VUE in recent years. Conductor™ uniquely enabled us to automate many of the traditional manual processes associated with enrolling new Evaluators and testing facilities, scheduling test events, scheduling candidates, compensating Evaluators, and ensuring that facilities and Evaluators are in full compliance with our Nurse Aide program guidelines. In addition to their unique technology capabilities, InSite provides exceptional daily support to our organization and has become a highly valued partner of Pearson VUE.”

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Service Features


Registration. With Conductor™, prospective proctors and testing facilities can quickly and easily submit online applications. Prospective proctors and facilities are provided with a web address that contains an electronic registration form(s) — and in many cases, clients easily integrate the registration form as part of their corporate website. The online application validates that all required information is provided and can also accept document uploads from a prospective proctor or facility.

Qualification. Upon completion of the online application, information is electronically routed to the testing company for review and decision. If any supporting documentation is uploaded or faxed by the applicant, electronic copies of all documentation is automatically attached to each electronic application for easy processing. Electronic workflow is configured to process each application according to the specific qualification steps of the testing company.


Set Schedule. Upon successful qualification by the testing company, proctors are automatically enrolled in the system and are eligible to receive event job offers. Upon enrollment, proctors are able to easily set their schedule preferences for job offers in terms of desired work locations and work hours. Preferences can be set for each hour of the day and each day of the week as either unavailable to work, automatic acceptance of any job offer regardless of day/hour of the week, or to be prompted for a decision on whether to work on a offer-by-offer basis.


Eliminating the traditional manual inefficiencies of scheduling labor and resources is often the largest value component offered by Conductor™ to testing companies. With Conductor™, organizations have been able to reduce direct overhead associated with scheduling labor and resources by anywhere from 60% to 90% — along with increases in worker productivity of up to 1,700%. Through a unified web-based platform that connects a testing company with its proctors, facilities, and vendors in real-time, Conductor™ automates all processes associated with identifying all available labor and scheduling for optimal results. With Conductor™, Companies are guaranteed of instant access to 100% of the most qualified and available staff at the lowest rate, 100% of the time.

Create Test Event. Scheduling proctors with Conductor™ is as simple as creating a new event. The testing company selects the key requirements for each event position including such elements as facility, test date, test start time, proctor licensing requirements, and number of candidates. With these requirements, Conductor™ instantly searches all qualified proctors in the system to identify matching resources for the event position(s).

Automated Event Offer Notification and Scheduling. Using system configurations set by the testing company to minimize labor costs such as mileage radius, Conductor™ automatically offers open event positions to qualified and available proctors through the system and by email. Qualified proctors that have set their preferences to work anytime are immediately scheduled and are simply sent a confirmation of their scheduled position. Proctors that have set their preferences to be offered a position before scheduling are given the opportunity to accept or reject an event offer. Conductor™ clients typically report job needs being filled within 10 minutes of job offers being sent by the system — an exponential decrease in the time required with traditional manual scheduling processes.


Conductor™ provides proctors and facilities with the ability to electronically submit event expense vouchers. Using flexible expense voucher templates in Conductor™, testing companies can establish and manage necessary expense vouchers for each type of proctor and facility. Submitted expense vouchers are electronically routed to management via electronic workflow for review and approval. Upon final approval, Conductor™ can electronically deliver necessary payment information to an accounting system for payment. This paperless process significantly reduces processing costs, provides a secure electronic repository for all expense voucher information, and enables proctors and facilties to monitor the progress of processing through payment.

Many companies struggle with inefficient, paper-based evaluation processes that create significant risk exposure. Evaluations are often inconsistently applied from one proctor or facility to the next, paper forms are time-consuming and costly to process, there is no systematic way to enforce completion of required evaluations, and paper evaluations are difficult to securely store and manage.

Conductor™ offers organizations a paperless and efficient way to manage evaluations for both proctors and facilities. With Conductor™, companies can set and enforce regular electronic evaluations of proctors and facilities. Reviewers and workers are electronically notified of upcoming required evaluations and the latest electronic versions of evaluation forms are stored in the system. Upon proper completion of an evaluation, results are electronically routed to management for final review and approval. If an evaluation is not completed and approved before a specified due date, management can elect to suspend further job scheduling until compliance is achieved. In addition to eliminating inefficient paper-based forms, Conductor™ provides systematic enforcement of evaluations for full compliance with corporate and/or regulatory guidelines — including a full audit trail of all activity for each evaluation. Further, electronic copies of evaluations are securely stored in the system for easy retrieval by authorized users.


Conductor™ offers real-time reporting and analytics to help organizations establish and track performance against key success metrics. From qualification and enrollment activities through compensation and evaluation, Conductor™ real-time reporting enables management to improve operational efficiencies, manage compliance, and make better business decisions. Authorized system users can access real-time reports at any time or configure Conductor™ preferences to automatically generate and email reports at selected time intervals. Information from Conductor™ reports can be easily exported to spreadsheets or other file formats for further analysis. Further, data sources that reside outside of Conductor™ such as accounting systems and legacy applications can be integrated into Conductor™ reports as necessary.

Conductor™ includes over 50 standard reports covering a range of business metric categories including:

  1. Accounting
  2. Candidate Scheduling
  3. Compliance Reporting
  4. Contact Information
  5. Event Reporting
  6. Executive Metrics
  7. Facility Reporting
  8. Proctor Reporting
  9. Workflow Metrics