• Enterprise Content Management

    IntelliSite™ is a web-based enterprise content management solution designed to help organizations control, share, and quickly access any form of content in a secure and highly scalable environment. Organizations can more effectively leverage their information assets to improve worker productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and better manage compliance requirements.

  • “Our company was in hyper-growth mode and needed a business process automation solution to profitably scale business operations. With the IntelliSite™ solution, InSite delivered not only the technology but also the knowledge of how to best apply the technology to maximize our business performance. IntelliSite™ enabled more timely delivery of customer bids, faster and more accurate processing of flooring orders, and significantly lower bid and order processing costs. We have also been able to increase customer satisfaction through more timely and accurate communications with our customers and business partners. InSite has helped us to create a significant sustainable competitive advantage in the flooring industry through their technology and they continue to work with us on a daily basis to meet new challenges and implement enhancements that serve to strengthen our market leadership position.”

    Author's imageSteven Pidgeon, CEOStarFloors, Inc.

    StarFloors Case Study

Service Features


  1. Capture All Types and Forms of Content. Any type or form of content can be imported into IntelliSite™ to deliver a complete system for information retrieval and management including scanned paper documents, digital files, fax server documents, email, Microsoft Office files, and files from legacy applications via system integration.
  2. Flexible Indexing Options. Each document that is uploaded to IntelliSite™ is automatically processed through the system’s optical character recognition (OCR) engine to enable full text search capabilities. Additional indexing options are also available including barcode scanning and low-cost data entry.
  3. Document Conversion Services. For conversion of paper documents and files to electronic format, InSite offers a full suite of document conversion services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Electronic Storage

IntelliSite™ delivers a high-performance electronic storage platform to manage an organization’s most important information assets:

  1. Strict security risk management including password/challenge response, SSL encryption, and 4 levels of file security access
  2. Redundant infrastructure and daily data backup provides comprehensive disaster risk management
  3. SSAE 16 certified data center and secure records management provides full compliance with regulatory guidelines
  4. Eliminate paper storage to reduce costs

Search & Retrieval

Powerful Search and Find Features. With IntelliSite’s powerful search & retrieval functionality, you can have all company records and documentation indexed and text searchable to easily and securely get the right information you need — when and where you need it. Scanned and electronic text in your documents automatically becomes text searchable once uploaded into IntelliSite™ giving you unprecedented speedy access and forever transforming how you do business. Documents can be organized and secured and organized in traditional folder hierarchies and indexed with collaborative tags and/or metadata to enhance efficiency and reporting. Legacy paper documents and records can also be scanned and filed, and become searchable in the process.

Anytime, Anywhere Access. Any authorized system user with a computer and internet access can view, edit, and manage files on IntelliSite™. There is no special software to install and security is managed on a user ID level with 128-bit SSL encryption.

IntelliSite™ electronic search and retrieval helps organizations increase efficiency, improve worker productivity, and maintain compliance:

  1. Easy and immediate file access eliminates wasted efforts
  2. Faster processing enables better and more timely decisions
  3. Extend reach of information to all stakeholders to maximize productivity
  4. Quicker and more accurate responses to customer demands increases customer satisfaction
  5. Secure access and a full audit trail of each file ensures compliance

Electronic Workflow

Automate Your Business Processes. IntelliSite™ electronic workflow enables organizations to automate key business processes — leading to greater efficiencies, increased productivity, and improved organizational scalability. The electronic workflow functionality integrated into IntelliSite™ automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions. Document routing rules are configured which include the route each document takes upon entering the workflow based on index data. At each step in the workflow, decisions are made which determine the next step in the process. At each step, users have the ability to create notes that travel with the document as it is processed. Users are assigned tasks that need to be completed and are notified of the task via email and with an entry in their task list. Documents can enter a workflow either as a result of scanning the document, importing of application documents, the creation of an electronic form, or through manual assignment.

IntelliSite™ electronic workflow helps organizations increase efficiency, improve worker productivity, and scale more effectively:

  1. Reduce processing errors
  2. Eliminate paper and lost files
  3. Reduce copying and filing costs
  4. Automatic business rule routing increases processing speed and balances workloads
  5. 100% worker accountability
  6. Easy and immediate file access minimizes processing delays
  7. Extend reach of information to all internal and external stakeholders
  8. Ensure compliance through secure access and a full audit trail
  9. Customizable reports for activity tracking and management


Manage Transactional Forms More Effectively. IntelliSite™ e-Forms is a cost-effective, high-performance service that enables organizations to move away from antiquated paper systems or inefficient automated forms processing systems to an Integrated Forms Management solution. IntelliSite™ e-Forms is an integrated component of IntelliSite™ and offers a complete, end-to-end, sophisticated e-Form management system with tracking, version control, audit trail, and routing capabilities.

IntelliSite™ e-Forms allows you to create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. These templates can be configured as Word, HTML, or XML documents. To create a form within the system, data from the IntelliSite™ database or from external data sources can be merged into the form. The created forms can be routed down a workflow for completion or printed. The printed forms include a unique document ID barcode generated by the system and placed on the form. This allows completed forms to be tracked and auto-scanned into the system by reading the barcode. IntelliSite™ e-Forms also has the ability to integrate with existing forms creation applications. These forms are passed through IntelliSite™ prior to printing which places the ID barcode on the form for auto-scan input into the system.

IntelliSite™ e-Forms helps organizations increase efficiency and improve worker productivity:

  1. Easy and immediate form access from anywhere at anytime
  2. Eliminate data re-keying
  3. Reduce input errors
  4. Eliminate incomplete forms
  5. Increase processing speed
  6. Eliminate lost forms
  7. Guarantee use of latest form


Make Better Business Decisions, Faster. IntelliSite™ offers real-time reporting that provide managers with powerful information for more informed decision-making. Effective dashboard or scorecard reporting allows management to set goals, targets, checks, and balances and continuously monitor trends and key performance metrics. These metrics may include cost, time, requirements, risk, customer satisfaction, sales revenues, or other measures critical to management. IntelliSite tracks these metrics by capturing key data at every step in a business process. Further, data sources that reside outside of IntelliSite™ can be integrated into the IntelliSite™ reports as necessary.

Beyond macro level reports, IntelliSite™ empowers users to drill down further into detailed data and slice information into parameters as required by such variables as department, geographic region, dates, cost centers, etc. In addition, IntelliSite’s built-in security framework provides role-based user privileges for proper access control of reporting.

IntelliSite™ reporting helps organizations improve business performance:

  1. More Informed Decision Making. Easy and immediate access to real-time graphical representation of key business metrics enables managers to identify problem areas in time to minimize negative impact to business AND to identify positive trends for optimizing resource allocation.
  2. Increase Efficiency and Speed. Identify business process bottlenecks by tracking processing time for each workflow step and track performance against established service level agreements (SLA’s).
  3. Reinforce Accountability. Track employee performance against established targets and objectives.