• We Help Companies Create Competitive Advantages Through Technology

    InSite is a leading provider of cloud software services (SaaS) that help organizations transform business processes. InSite’s web-based technology solutions enable companies to improve results and create competitive advantages through cost reduction, improved information management, and streamlined business processes.

  • Conductor™

    Conductor™ is a web-based resource management solution that provides testing companies with a complete test event scheduling and management system. Real-time connectivity to candidates, proctors, and vendors allows companies to automate test management processes including qualification, enrollment, scheduling, compensation, evaluation, and reporting.

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  • IntelliSite™

    IntelliSite™ is a web-based enterprise content management solution designed to help organizations control, share, and quickly access any form of content in a secure and highly scalable environment. Organizations can more effectively leverage their information assets to improve worker productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and better manage compliance requirements.

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