• About StarFloors

    StarFloors is the primary supplier of floor covering materials and installation for some of the largest financial institutions in the U.S. Because of our national presence and longevity in the market we have the power to offer the finest materials at the lowest possible prices, expertly installed normally within 72 hours — saving you time and money.

    StarFloors prides itself on providing the ultimate flooring experience for our clients. We’ve built our reputation on dependability, fair pricing, superior materials and workmanship. Our friendly staff of flooring experts are all trained and more importantly our territory managers are locals who know your housing market, the dynamics of your region and design aesthetics.

    We offer the ultimate convenience with our Showroom on Wheels. We Bring Our Store to Your Door! This saves you time and money and allows you to view flooring samples in the comfort of your home. Make the best possible flooring choice for your home and its existing décor.

    Our turnkey installations give peace of mind and offer the ultimate convenience. In addition to years of experience, our technicians undergo rigorous training, installations completed accordingly to our exact specifications and under our direct supervision. From start to finish, StarFloors gives you a flooring design experience unlike any other flooring provider.

  • Case Study Metrics

    6 months
    Time to Market Launch

    Monthly Electronic Bid Requests

    Time Reduction to Provide a Bid Response

    Increase in Worker Productivity

    Customers that Receive Feedback Requests

Solutions by Client Business Objective

Increase Worker Productivity

  • Client Business Objective

  • IntelliSite™ Solution

  • Reduce amount of time required to respond to flooring bid request

  • Customers submit bid requests through online form and in turn bids are electronically processed through structured electronic workflow automation instead of traditional manual receipt (fax) and processing of bid requests

  • Reduce time to secure measurements for each flooring job

  • Electronic measurement process automates the process of assigning measurers to a job and receiving measurements

  • Reduce time to manage the installation process for each flooring job

  • System automatically identifies installers that are qualified for the specific flooring types for a job, generates a completed electronic work order, and sends work order by email to installer(s)

  • Reduce time to process installer payments and send invoices to customers

  • All installer payments and customer invoicing is electronically managed through structured electronic workflow processes including integration with accounting system instead of traditional manual process

  • Reduce time spent finding and organizing customer information

  • Electronic customer management allows authorized personnel to quickly and securely access customer information instead of a manual paper-based system

  • Manage workload across personnel to eliminate bottlenecks and idle time

  • Real-time business process workflow reports enable management to spot bottlenecks and ensure efficient allocation of work tasks

Reduce Costs

  • Client Business Objective

  • IntelliSite™ Solution

  • Reduce inventory management costs and shrinkage

  • Electronic inventory management system enables more efficient management and tracking of inventory for each warehouse

  • Reduce overpayments to installers

  • Electronic work order management system reduces risk of installer overpayments

  • Reduce flooring bid request costs

  • Electronic submission of flooring bid requests eliminates traditional manual processing costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Client Business Objective

  • IntelliSite™ Solution

  • Stronger and more timely communication with the customer and installer(s) for a flooring job from start to finish

  • Electronic flooring job management system automatically sends emails to customer and installer(s) at various stages of the job to ensure the timely delivery of important information

  • Efficient process for completing job inspections

  • Personnel can easily initiate an inspection for a flooring job in the system and in turn the assigned inspector can electronically submit inspection results — any issues are automatically routed to appropriate personnel for follow-up

  • Request customer feedback on each flooring job

  • At the completion of a job, an online customer survey is automatically sent to each customer by email — any issues are immediately routed to appropriate personnel for follow-up

  • Improve ability to identify potential issues with a job before impacting the customer

  • If a job is at risk of not being installed per customer expectations based on predefined electronic workflow service level agreements (SLAs), an escalation alert is immediately sent to appropriate personnel